Boxed curriculum. Homeschool methods.
You have to start somewhere.

They supported you as you got moving.
Now they're interfering with your flexibility.

It's time to ditch those training wheels, my friend.

Hi, I'm Lynna.

I'm here to help you build your homeschool-mom decision making muscles. Yes, you can adapt your practice without swerving from the principles that matter most.

Sibling conflict threatening to sink your homeschool?

Visit our brand new site Sibling Relationship Lab to find the Sibling Relationship Lab podcast and other resources to help you manage sibling conflict with confidence and grace!

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When you join the Homeschooling without Training Wheels Community, you will discover the freedom of resting in God's grace, and the confidence to make wise decisions for yourself and your unique children -- without being slowed down by the opinions and expectations of others.