A Very Simple Schedule

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Lynna Sutherland

Lynna believes that the gospel moves the homeschool mom from performance to possibility. She offers support for moms overwhelmed by homeschooling multiple ages and distracted by constant sibling conflict. Ditch what slows you down and look to Jesus. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

At the beginning of the week, I felt a moment of crisis because I knew that I needed to spend more one-on-one time with my new reader and my struggling reader.  The schedule already felt packed and scary and the thought of adding one more thing was daunting (to put it mildly).  Monday evening, I attended Part 2 of the Focus and Align class at the Read Aloud Revival and the beginnings of some ideas began to percolate.  We had two hard, rough days, followed by two good, smooth encouraging days, followed by one more hard, low, rough day (as viewed from my internal perspective, only).  And here, in retrospect, is what I think has settled out to be our new schedule*:

  • Breakfast (sometimes while listening to a recorded book or story)
  • Morning Chores, Joseph (1) to nap
  • Read the Bible
  • Talk about Math
  • Talk about Language
  • Meet one-on-one with Luke (10) and Robyn (6) to practice reading skills
    Emma (9) and Ruth (8) take turns doing things with Henry (4) and Hazel (3)
  • Lunch
  • Quick Straightening, Hazel (3) and Joseph (1) to naps
  • Quiet Work Time (Math 5-A-Days, Latin and some silent reading)
    On Tuesdays this is replaced by “Latin Class” with another family
  • Play Outside
  • Final Clean-up
  • History (on-line course the kids do as a group) while Mama fixes dinner
That’s it.  That is all we can do in a day.  And some days we don’t accomplish all of that.  If you look closely, you’ll probably notice things that aren’t included.  I bet your list wouldn’t be even a third of the things that are on my mind.  But I’m setting that aside for right now.  Let tomorrow worry about itself.  This is what we can do right now.
* We do school Monday-Thursday.  Fridays are for laundry, housework and maybe projects.