There's nothing you want more than to be a good mother and homeschool mom.

But things aren't quite working out like you hoped.

You read all the books, listened to all the experts.

You searched the Scriptures, prayed, and begged God for wisdom.

You thought all the information would help you feel more confident.

But instead you feel ...

  • overwhelmed with decisions and details
  • frantically busy and still not sure if you're doing enough
  • burdened by expectations you don't know how to filter
  • fearful that you're doing the wrong thing or ruining your kids
  • desperate for someone wiser who can give you the answers

It doesn't have to be like this.

I believe that grace moves the homeschool mom from performance to possibility.

Hi, I'm Lynna. Welcome to Homeschooling without Training Wheels

I believe that through the power of the gospel of Christ, we no longer ask
"What do I have to do?" but are released into "Look what I'm able to do!"

I believe that as new creations, our worst failures become the seeds for new fruit.

I believe that in the freedom of grace, our biggest obstacles become opportunities for growth and strength.

Thank you for this beautiful message. I am just sitting down, exhausted after a big sibling squabble, and this really hit home. So beautiful. Thank you. ~ L.

Wow, I stumbled onto this blog from Pinterest. I’m really going to have to take time to think about all that is brought up here. The Lord has been speaking to my soul about my anxiety and fear issues and he has shown me that at the root of my fear is control. But this idea of my fear/control leading me to judge or mommy-compete is really interesting. I’m really going to think through this some more. ~ L.

I stumbled across your blog when I had hit the point of giving up before I had even really started. Everyone was “use this” or “use that”. I felt like a failure because certain things just don’t work well with my son. I love you for the "buffet" thought and for saying if it isn’t working, try something else. Thank you for being you! ~ K.

I'm so glad I found this post. I always find it a struggle not to worry that we’re not doing enough. The family schooling concept has definitely resonated with us and I appreciate all the resources you’ve shared along those lines. ~ W.

Imagine This

Imagine waking up tomorrow with full confidence that you are following God's calling for your life and headed in the right direction.

Imagine tuning out all the conflicting opinions and instead making decisions based on your expert knowledge of your own family and unique children.

Imagine exhaling, releasing your frantic need to control the future, and sinking deeper into the goodness and mercy of your Father, who loves you and your children more than you could ever have thought possible.

When you join the Homeschooling without Training Wheels Community, you will discover the freedom of resting in God's grace, and the confidence to make wise decisions for yourself and your unique children -- without being slowed down by the opinions and expectations of others.

Seven years ago, I was living what I always imagined was my dream life. Five kids. Stay-at-home, homeschool mom. Doing things “God’s way.” And yet, I was frustrated and overwhelmed. If I was doing everything “right” why did I feel like I was sinking under the weight of godly parenting and homeschooling?

Then, the Lord brought postpartum depression into my life. It was dark and scary. But He used it to get my attention and change my perspective. In his mercy, the Lord gently showed me that it wasn’t my efforts that were making a difference in the first place. Through the emotional exhaustion and physical fatigue, as all my methods and systems ground to a halt, I could see clearly that it was the Lord who was working beautiful things in my children.

Today, I still don’t have perfect children or a perfect house. But that pales in comparison to what I do have: I have peace. No, not the physical peace of a calm, quiet household -- not with eight kids -- but the spiritual and emotional peace of knowing that my righteousness is in Christ. He has turned my failures and weaknesses from obstacles into opportunities to see his grace at work.

I'm here to help you find the same peace and freedom.

Have friends encouraged you to "trust God" with your family size? Is it ever OK to decide to be "done" having kids? Here are some things to consider.

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Let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith.
Hebrews 12:1-2

What struggle is slowing you down today?

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