Welcome! I’m so glad you could join us! I’m Lynna, creator and owner here at Homeschooling without Training Wheels. I’d like to tell you a little about myself and the blog.

My husband and I both enjoy having a large family. And we always knew we wanted to homeschool. But with eight babies in twelve years, life got busy really fast! (The picture above shows our seven oldest, ages 12 down to 2 at the time.)


I had dreams of gathering all my children around me and reading stories, doing projects, and enjoying learning together. But real life turned out to be a lot more about clingy toddlers, settling arguments, nursing babies, motivating poky and distracted learners, changing diapers, wiping peanut butter and jelly off of everything, and trying to keep the attention of kids who would rather be outside!

The year my fourth child officially entered “school age” I reached a breaking point. I could not juggle schooling four kids at four different levels while wrangling the baby and toddler crowd. I was facing homeschool burnout.

Like a sailor in a storm frantically bailing out a waterlogged boat, I started tossing things left and right. I eliminated actives, curriculum, and expectations.  I told myself it was only for a time – just while we were in “survival mode”. It turns out to have been the best thing I ever did for our homeschool!

When you begin homeschooling, it can be helpful to lean on someone else’s methods or program so that you have a plan for getting started. But eventually, those props can become more of a hindrance than a help. And shedding them can bring such relief and freedom!

When I began this blog, the image that came to mind was that of taking the training wheels off of a bike: scary at first to go it on your own when you’ve been used to the safety they provide. But oh the freedom and flexibility you find without them!

My heart for this blog is to share what we’ve learned along the way about multi-age schooling. The tips and resources I share here are of value to all kinds of families:

  • big families who need to figure out how to homeschool a crew
  • families of two or more kiddos trying to juggle schooling that spans a range of ages
  • families of any size who would like the encouragement and know-how to simplify their homeschool, set reasonable expectations, and embrace the flexibility of homeschooling!