Great Backyard Bird Count Resources

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Are you planning to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count? It doesn't take long and it's a great way to participate in science. Here are some resources to extend the learning!

Are you planning to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count? In 2018, the count takes place February 16 - 19. This is a great way for your children to participate in actual scientific research. And why not stretch the activity a bit further and make it into a homeschool unit!

Are you planning to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count? It doesn't take long and it's a great way to participate in science. Here are some resources to extend the learning!

Get Started Bird Counting!

The easiest part is signing up with Cornell Lab. You'll want to create an account and download the checklist(s) for making the count. This isn't a time consuming activity. The minimum requirement is one fifteen-minute bird-watching session.

Of course, if you want to, you can count multiple times, on multiple days, and from multiple locations! Here is a helpful collection from the iHomeschool Network of 10 Quick Tips on How to Enjoy the Backyard Bird Count. And if you want to take the fun even further, here are some useful resources.

Bird Watching

The NaturExplorers series includes many books to guide you in taking nature walks with your children. This edition, Beautiful Birds, is probably the most complete, all-in-one resource you could find to expand your bird counting into a complete homeschool exploration.

You'll explore bird feathers and beaks, bird diets, songs, and more! You can download a free sample, including the table of contents, if you want to know more about the jam-packed resource.

{Beautiful Birds is 30% off in honor of the Great Backyard Bird Count!}

Of course you'll want to identify and discuss all the birds you see. Here are some great resources to have on hand.

We have the little Golden Guides for identifying many different kinds of animals. The Birds edition is small and easy to use, but informative!

Or, for something more robust, try the Birds of North America Field Guide from the same publishers.

The Fandex Family Field Guide to Birds of North America is a fun tool to have on hand. My kids often grab this to help identify birds they see in their back yard. The large color pictures and flip-through set-up are especially appealing. (The link above will take you to Amazon. If you're having trouble finding it there, check eBay.)

Birds in Art

The Masterpiece Society is offering a free Impressionist Bird art lesson this month! All you'll need are:

Then head over to Masterpiece Society for your free lesson.

One of the simplest art projects you can do with your children is painting with chalk pastels! We've enjoyed several lessons from You ARE an Artist.  My kid's love "Nana" who chats and narrates as she teaches.

All you need are:

If you'd like to check out the Bird Chalk Pastel Video Art Course, you'll find a free video lesson on the Cardinal on the product page!

{The Bird Chalk Pastel Video Art Course is on sale 25% off in honor of the Great Backyard Bird Count!}

John James Audubon, famous bird lover, observer, and expert was also a famous artist. You can learn more about him and his artwork as a part of the Famous Artists Online Unit Study.

This unit study covers several other famous artists like Davinci and Monet. But you can skip directly to the Audubon lessons if you wish!

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Bird Science (OK, Ornithology)

If you've got little people in your homeschool, I highly recommend the Let's Read and Find Out Science series. Some titles relevant to today's topic are:

There are plenty of coloring books for little people. But if you've got older kids who enjoy a good coloring challenge, check out The Zoology Coloring Book! It includes skeletons and diagrams of many different animals - not just birds!

If, however, simpler is what you need, Dover Thrift books have some really neat options like the Birdwatchers Coloring Book and the Common Birds sticker book!

You might also enjoy these videos from one of our favorite YouTube channels "It's OK to Be Smart"!

Sing for the Birds

Of course, you'll want to appreciate the songs of the birds. But just in case you'd like to do some singing of your own and maybe even sing about birds, check this out.

We have absolutely adored Lyrical Life Science. Volume 1 covers reptiles, amphibians and BIRDS! The whole curriculum including the song book, CD, and workbook is worth owning.

However, if you're in a pinch, you can pay a buck and just download the MP3 of the Bird song!

You can also download digital copies of the books directly from the publishers, Lyrical Learning!

Birds in Literature

We love exploring all subjects with poetry, and birds are no exception! Two of our favorite bird poetry books are:

And if you'd like to add some writing practice to your bird studies, you can find Bird Copywork in print or cursive here!

What bird activities or resources do you love? Do tell!