Upgrading Homeschool Math with Teaching Textbooks 4.0: An Honest Review

We’ve been using Teaching Textbooks for several years now and it’s been a great fit for our large family homeschool. But 2020 presented some new challenges for everyone, including the Teaching Textbooks software. Teaching Textbooks 3.0 was available as a streaming program use Flash. But Adobe announced that it would discontinue support of Flash at the […]

How to Outsource High School Chemistry without Sacrificing Flexibility

As a homeschool mom of eight, there’s one thing I’ve learned about outsourcing subjects – especially in the high school years: it isn’t as easy as it sounds! Yes, cost is always a consideration, but even if money were no object, there’s always a trade off. Enrolling our kids in outside classes can remove some of […]

Teaching to Their Strengths with Shawna Wingert

Shawna Wingert of Different by Design Learning joins us to talk about teaching to our children's strengths in the homeschool.

Before she became a homeschool mom (unexpectedly) Shawna Wingert was a corporate consultant teaching big-league companies how to maximize employee productivity and boost morale by focusing on making the best use of employee strengths rather than trying to correct weaknesses. When Shawna began homeschooling, she wondered if these same science-based, researched-backed approaches could work with her […]

Becoming a Brave Writer with Julie Bogart

Julie Bogart joins us to talk about the Brave Writer approach to homeschool writing instruction, different from many other writing curriculum.

Do you feel overwhelmed teaching writing in your homeschool? Have you tried other methods or programs that left your kids believing they were bad at writing or that they hated writing? Julie Bogart joined us on the LIVE without Training Wheels show to talk about the Brave Writer program, how it’s more mindset than method, and […]

Writer’s Workshops with Multiple Ages

Homeschooling multiple ages and wondering how to manage writing instruction? Let’s chat about using Writer’s Workshops from Layers of Learning! Sisters Karen and Michelle – sisters, homeschool moms, and creators of Layers of Learning are here to chat with us about how to teaching writing to multiple ages with their new Writer’s Workshop resources! Listen to […]

How to Rock the “Wrong” Homeschool Curriculum

Are you afraid you picked the wrong homeschool curriculum? Or are you paralyzed by indecision, afraid you might pick the wrong one? Here's how to cope.

Maybe it’s time to pick a new curriculum and you’re paralyzed with indecision, afraid you might pick the “wrong” one. Maybe you’ve already picked something, and now you’re afraid you made the “wrong” choice … but there’s no money left in the budget for something new (or brain cells left in your head for more […]