How to Outsource High School Chemistry without Sacrificing Flexibility

As a homeschool mom of eight, there’s one thing I’ve learned about outsourcing subjects – especially in the high school years: it isn’t as easy as it sounds! Yes, cost is always a consideration, but even if money were no object, there’s always a trade off. Enrolling our kids in outside classes can remove some of […]

The Two-Hat Homeschool Planning Method for a Stress-Free School Year

Have you ever wished somebody else could tell you how to homeschool? Here's how to set that up with the two-hat homeschool planning method!

There you sit, still trying to make yourself wake up all the way. Your coffee cup is somewhere getting cold (maybe it’s still in the microwave from the last time you re-heated it). And you’re slumped over at the table with a big stack of curriculum in front of you. It’s 10 am and you haven’t […]

Three Simple Homeschool Planning Strategies to Prevent Burnout

Planning for a new homeschool year may be the last thing you want to do when you're overwhelmed. But here's how to avoid burnout for next year.

Are you a mom who looks forward to marathon sessions of homeschool planning – all the books and resources laid out on the table where you can lovingly shepherd them towards their divine destiny in your idyllic homeschool year? Or do you dread the thought of slogging through hours of work to get read for yet […]

Is “Doing Math” in Your Homeschool Really Enough?

In most homeschool families, doing math is pretty high on the priority list. We all want to make sure our kids know basic math facts and can complete math problems accurately. But is that really enough?Knowledge without UnderstandingImagine that you are learning most any other subject under the sun. Let’s say, for example, you are […]