10 Reasons Why Homeschool Parents Fear Screen Time

There are so many online resources for homeschool families. But many parents struggle with concerns about screen time. What are the reasons for the worry?

I can’t tell you how many homeschool moms I’ve talked to who are genuinely worried about the ill effects of ‘screen time’ in their homes. I’m not talking about the dangers of internet use, like child predators, identity theft, etc. Those are real dangers, to be sure, and a topic for another post (or several). […]

Is Digital Dangerous? 3 Common Concerns

With the rise of the use of digital technology in education come new fears and concerns. Is digital dangerous? Let's apply some common sense.

Every generation of parents has its share of challenges and concerns. Our current generation is facing increasing concerns about the amount of time our children spend on electronic devices.  While digital tools can pose a challenge in parenting and require careful use, I’d like to suggest that they do not pose a unique parenting challenge. […]