Little Points of Light

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Sometimes when I read blog posts or look at pictures that show the amazing things other homeschool moms are doing with their kids, I hate those moms just a little bit.  I imagine that they are better than me and that they look down on me.  I want to argue and defend myself and explain what life is like here right now and beg them to be understanding and to know that I’m really doing the very best I can right now, here in this moment.  Foolish, right?

But what if that’s not why moms share things on social media?  What if it isn’t to prove they are better than everybody else?  What if they share things for, well, for the same reason that I do?  What if life is hard.  What if there are lots of scary, dark corners and lots of messy problems.  What if there are many moments of discouragement, frustration and sorrow.  What if there is a fight against bitterness, resentment and ingratitude.  And then, in the midst of that, a spot of light breaks through the darkness.  A little point of light like the tiny points of light I could see through the paper my son pierced over and over with the point of a compass.

And it is such a relief, such a moment of refreshment and feels like an oasis in the desert.  And you just want to share because you are overflowing with joy that, in the midst of this chaos, the baby has yummy, chubby legs.  And the four year old curled up and fell asleep in the fort his brother made for him.  And your daughter is teaching herself to knit.  And your first grader drew a picture about mixed fractions when you didn’t even realize she was listening in to that discussion!

And so, on that very note, could I share?  Things are hard here.  Energy is at a premium.  Days are hit or miss.  Weeks ago my husband had asked for the day off yesterday so that we could go to Colonial Williamsburg during their “homeschool days”.  We had to pay for the tickets in advance.  But energy is a limited commodity these days, so we really couldn’t know until the morning of whether we would actually be able to go.  Yesterday it was freezing cold and wet.  But thankfully we were able to do our Saturday stuff yesterday and move our reservations to today.

And today, there was energy in abundance.  Like a rainbow after the rain.  A mercy I don’t deserve, the Lord granted the perfect day for our little homeschool bunch.  So may I share it with you?  It isn’t impressive.  But it just felt so good to be able to make this happen today with my kiddos, and I am tearfully rejoicing as I thank the Lord for his favor and blessing.

In the gift shop with my three costumed characters.
As you walk the foot path from the Visitors Center to the Revolutionary City, these little “notes”
in the sidewalk take you backwards in history.  Luke read this and then explained to his sisters,
“You didn’t have to pay taxes!  And there were no police!”
Authentic Colonial Animal Cracker Snack
The Cobbler’s Shop
Of course, Sutherlands have to try out the Colonial Board Games.
Standing Guard