LIVE without Training Wheels is a Podcast!

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Every Tuesday night, I broadcast live through Crowdcast to chat with the Homeschooling without Training Wheels audience. Then my team grabs the audio track from the live video and converts it into a podcast so moms can tune in on the go.

In this intro episode (the only one of the bunch that didn't actually start out as a live video), we'll talk about how the name "Homeschooling without Training Wheels" came about, and what that has to do with your homeschooling. Plus, I'll share why this homeschool podcast is unique!

Listen in as I help you to ditch what's slowing you down (including other people's opinions) and look to Jesus, homeschooling and parenting without training wheels!

Show Notes

Want to participate in an upcoming podcast episode? Click the image below and check out the upcoming LIVE without Training Wheels. Register and join us live to be a part of the recording!

  • Oh Lynna, I so needed to hear this today. Thank you for helping me put things back into perspective. I cannot wait to hear more podcasts — so glad that i found you.