Homeschooling multiple ages at once can be a real challenge. A homeschool mom of eight shares her favorite curriculum and resources for "family schooling".

Our Favorite Multi-Age Homeschool Resources

This is a collection of our favorite homeschool books, curriculum, and programs. You'll notice that none of these are traditional grade-specific textbooks. The focus of this list is on multi-age resources that work for Family Schooling (teaching everyone all together)!

I want to encourage each mom to have the confidence to choose what works best for her family. But sometimes what we all need is just a good suggestion to get us started! You have to try something before you can begin to figure out what fits and what doesn't, right?

So, what I'm sharing here below are not "the right" curriculum choices. They are simply ones that work for us. Use what you like. Skip what you don't. And, as always, my opinion is just that - my opinion. YOU are the expert on your children and in your homeschool.

Note: I don't include things on this page unless we've used them personally and really found them valuable for our homeschool. However, please don't get the idea that all of these resources are in-use simultaneously. They are collected from years of homeschooling.

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Homeschool Methods and Encouragement

Homeschool Planning Tools




Social Studies


Foreign Language



Companies we love and support:

Brave Writer

All About Learning Press

Pam Barnhill

Homeschool Buyer's Co-op

Online Unit Studies


Our Journey Westward

Mr. D Math

Layers of Learning

Veritas Press

Classical Academic Press


Homeschool in the Woods Publishing

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