Music Lessons in a Box Review

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Looking for an affordable, flexible solution for piano lessons? We loved Music Lessons in a Box from Learn Piano Live! Check out the details!

My daughter, Emma, purchased her own piano keyboard and has dabbled in self-taught piano off and on. Outside-the-house piano lessons were a logistical challenge (with seven other kids who need homeschooling and care). And online options seemed a bit pricey.

But over the last couple of months, she has been using and enjoying "Music Lessons in a Box" from "Learn Piano Live". If you're curious to know a bit about how the program works and what's included in Music Lessons in a Box subscription, I've got all the details for you!

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Looking for an affordable, flexible solution for piano lessons? We loved Music Lessons in a Box from Learn Piano Live! Check out the details!

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Online Piano Lessons

Learn Piano Live was founded by Jamin Coller with a focus on helping kids (and adults!) to engage with and enjoy music! Jamin says,

Music is just a foreign language, and as such, it can be as serious or as leisurely as you want.  You can dedicate your life to the language or just learn a few words - the music is here to serve us, not the other way around.

Students who subscribe to Learn Piano Live have immediate access to a large library of past lessons covering a vast array of genera. Many of the songs are familiar tunes from movies, folk favorites, or holiday carols.

Students also have access to Klopol Academy, a classical approach to music instruction with pre-recorded lessons in twelve levels. You can watch an intro and try out Level 1 here! In each level, students study a variety of areas of music education, such as Technique, Ear Training, Theory, and Sight Reading.

Subscribed students can also check out "Custom Courses" which are recorded lessons grouped by topic, interest area, or technique so that budding musicians can explore topics of interest to them whenever they are ready.

Learn Piano Live

As the site name suggests, the flagship feature of Learn Piano Live is the weekly live lessons, hosted by Jamin himself! Each week, students can download a new PDF which includes the song sheets they'll need. The weekly song is taught at five different levels of increasing difficulty.

Here are some examples of what that looks like in action ...

Check out this page to read more about the live lessons and watch a recorded one for free!

Music Lessons in a Box

Now, on top of all of the fantastic content available online for viewing and download, and the weekly live lessons, Learn Piano Live has added a fun new subscription option: Music Lessons in a Box! Think piano lessons meet monthly subscription box and you've got the right idea!

When you subscribe to Music Lessons in a Box, you'll receive your first welcome box full of all kinds of goodies! Klopol, the mascot penguin, your first lesson binder, composer cards, stickers, key labels, practice tracker, and much more.

Then, monthly, Music Lessons in a Box members receive a new packet related to one of their weekly live lessons which includes their lesson materials, activities, new composer cards, BINGO game used to earn extra points in the online student area, bookmark, progress stickers, and -- wait for it -- a costume correlated with the theme of the song you'll be learning!

Watch the video below to see Emma open her welcome box and her first monthly kit!

Emma has thoroughly enjoyed the online music lessons, and especially the live weekly lessons. She loves to ask and answer questions, engaging through the chat window. The relaxed focus on enjoying and engaging with the music has been perfect for her.

Another cool plus to the Learn Piano Live system is that all siblings can take advantage of the same digital subscription at no additional cost. You can print out as many copies as you like of each weekly lesson packet and all family members can use the same log-in to view recorded videos or watch the live lesson.

At the time of this posting, Learn Piano Online (digital-only) subscriptions are $24.95/month. However, check here for other subscription options. For example, if you subscribe annually, your cost works out to as little as $15.95/month.

If you decide to take advantage of the Music Lessons in a Box subscription, you can add on additional siblings for only $5 per month each for additional costumes and activities. You could actually enroll three students in this deluxe-level music experience for less than $15 per student, per month!

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