Nobody Warned You How Lonely Homeschooling Could Be

You chose this life. You wanted to be more involved with your kids. And you still do.

But does that mean going without connection?

Does that mean sacrificing adult conversation?

Does that mean making all your decisions alone?

"Find Your Tribe!" They Said. Easier Said Than Done.

Some moms have fabulous homeschool support groups in their area. Others, not so much.

Some moms are surrounded by family who encourage and help. Others, not so much.

Some moms find connection on social media. Others find social media to be a difficult or distracting place for community.

Please join us. Our Community needs more people like YOU!

The Homeschooling without Training Wheels Network is a free, online (not on social media) gathering space designed to build a conversation around the Homeschooling without Training Wheels vision: "Ditch what slows you down and look to Jesus." (Based on Hebrews 12:1-2)

We believe the gospel moves the homeschool mom from performance to possibility.

Other homeschool sites or resources are focused on showing you how to do all.the.things. Our community exists as a space to remind each other every day that Jesus has already done it all on our behalf and invites us to walk in the freedom and flexibility that he purchased for us.

Take advantage of ...

  • a place to ask your questions and share your struggles
  • a place to meet other moms who share your perspective
  • monthly themes for learning and discussion
  • live videos and online chats
  • exclusive content you won't find elsewhere

Isn't it time to find a place to belong?

The Homeschooling without Training Wheels Network is a free resource available exclusively to members of the Homeschooling without Training Wheels Community. Subscribe below for your personal invitation!

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