Want Confident Teens? Empower with Personalized Learning

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teen girl enjoying personalized learning with online homeschool curriculum

Preview: Homeschooling a crew and looking for flexible options to empower confidence in your teens? Check out this option for online personalized learning!

She lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling. She was trying to speak with a calm, level voice, but I could see the shiny liquid pooling in the corners of her eyes.

She felt like a failure.

Overwhelmed with homeschooling her younger siblings, I had handed her a curriculum on a wing and a prayer, hoping that she'd be able to manage on her own. And mostly she could. But today was one of those days she needed more help than I could offer.

And she assumed that the gap in her understanding was due to her own inadequacy. But deep down, I knew it was because I hadn't been able to provide her the support she needed on a regular basis.

And now I felt like a failure.

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Personalized Learning to Build Confidence

Just because our teens have reached high school doesn't mean that they no longer need us in their homeschool journey. They just need us in different ways.

These years aren't just the time for packing in science and English credits. They are the time for strengthening and solidifying the skills of time management, self-direction, and understanding themselves as learners.

We tell our younger children that it's normal to be good and some things and not as good at others. But we push our high schoolers to achieve at a top level in all subjects, because: transcripts.

But oh how we could build their confidence by allowing them to have more control over the subjects they learn or how they structure their time - playing to their strengths and maximizing their God-given gifts?

teen girl enjoying personalized learning with online homeschool curriculum

Study.com for Homeschool

This winter, we explored Study.com.

The first thing that caught my attention about this unique online learning option was the vast quantity of courses and lessons available. At the time of this writing, there are 27,000 lessons (yes, five digits) available to support your homeschoolers.

My girl's eyes grew wide and her face lit up as she perused the selection of ancient history lessons all available to her at any time! She was eager to dig in just because this is a subject she loves!

But we also found tons of lessons to support her study of biology (yea, that's the one where I was kind of dropping the ball in explaining those trickier concepts!).

teen girl enjoying personalized learning with online homeschool curriculum

Don't Sacrifice Your Flexiblity

For our larger-than-average family, taking classes outside of the home has been challenging, due to the time we lose on commutes.

Even some online classes hamper our flexibility because we have to be available at certain times or cover material in a certain order before moving on.

While we definitely could progress through the resources in a Study.com course in the order provided, we can also completely customize a course to support what we're already learning!

Most courses begin with a Practice Test to evaluate what your student already knows. You can also set up a free parent dashboard to manage one or more paid student accounts so that you can assign lessons and track progress!

personalized learning with online homeschool curriculum

Building Time Management Skills

When a student enrolls in a course (or when you, the parent, enroll them in a course from the Parent dashboard) she can choose a completion date goal for the course.

personalized learning with online homeschool curriculum

A student can set a goal of when she'd like to complete the course.

Then Study.com automatically breaks the course up into weeks to show the student the pace at which she would need to work in order to finish the course by her goal date.

personalized learning with online homeschool curriculum

Study.com divides the course work into weeks to show the student the pace at which she'll need to work to complete her course by the goal date she chose.

As she works through a course, she can use helpful tools with each video such as adjusting the speed, audio-mode, or toggling on or off the "timeline" at the bottom of the video which shows where each main topic begins in the lesson.

personalized learning with online homeschool curriculum

Helpful options on video lessons such as a timeline of main topics in the video, speed adjustment, and audio mode.

Flexibility without Going Solo!

Most of the time in the world of online homeschool curriculum, you have two choices:

  1. Self-Paced Courses: here are your videos and automatically graded tests. Good luck!
  2. Live help from a teacher, but you have to be there at 4 pm every Friday afternoon!
    With Study.com, there is now a third choice.
  3. Thousands of self-paced courses at your fingertips PLUS 24/7 access to tutors to answer your questions about whatever you're learning!

Now my teens can learn at their own pace, access videos or whole courses to support the homeschool curriculum they are already using AND reach out for help from someone other than mom if they need more support!

Study.com offers a variety of different homeschool pricing plans depending on the level of support you and your teens need at this place in your homeschool journey.

Eventually (though we're not ready for this quite yet) we could use Study.com to help the kids prep for and take CLEP or AP exams that could count as college credit!

Check it Out for Yourself

You can try Study.com for 30 days risk-free. Just set up an account and choose your plan (which you can change at any time).

Not ready to set up an account? Here's a sample video from the Study.com YouTube channel (where you can find lots more samples!)

(Please tell me I'm not dating myself because I got a kick out of this video intro!)