Clip Notes: Planets


Gather multiple ages together and learn about the planets as a family! Clip Notes make use of cut-and-paste options to allow younger students and those who struggle with handwriting to join in the “note taking”. Options for pre-readers and older students included as well!


Studying the planets as a family? Some students would rather write notes by hand. Others would prefer to cut and paste. Some like drawing. Now, each student can choose for themselves. Clip Notes provide facts in boxes to be copied or to be pasted! Included in this Clip Notes packet are …

This adaptable printable pack allows you to study the planets easily in your multi-age homeschool. Cut and paste and other options for all learners!

  • Fact Sheets – Beautifully designed layout in full color or black and white, students will have one page per planet to fill out with relevant information, as well as fun facts!
  • Planet Gallery Pages – Younger students or pre-readers can simply match planet pictures with their names, grouping them either as “Rocky Inner Planets” or “Gas Giant Outer Planets”.
  • Note Charts – Older students can fill in data in chart form. Give them the information pages to use as answer banks, or send them to research independently!
  • Planet Pictures – available in full-color or black and white, students can cut and paste or use them as a reference to sketch their own images.

Suggested Planet Resources

Depending on the ages of your learners, you may want to read aloud, watch a video, give them a stack of books for research, or send them online to find information. Here are some ideas …



Be sure to check your local library for these resources. That’s where we found many of ours!