Fractions to go: Reusable, Printable Math Manipulative


This isn’t a game. It isn’t a worksheet. It’s a printable math manipulative. Use it when you explore fractions with your students. Let your students use it as a tool for solving fraction problems when they are working independently on math work.

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Do your kids have trouble grasping the concepts of mixed numbers, improper fractions, and converting between the two? Is it challenging to demonstrate to them what’s happening when you are adding or subtracting mixed numbers?

This printable math manipulative is designed to help them to visualize and understand (in a real-world context) the meaning and use of fraction concepts when you are dealing with more than one whole.

These printables can be used as you explain concepts to your students. You can also make them available to your students to use as they are working through math practice on their own.

Includes pages for: halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, and twelfths.

Download includes two files: the printables themselves and a set of instructions, including suggested use.

Here are some additional supplies you may want in order to make the best use of this printable manipulative: