Large Family Homeschooling Circle Membership

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Join the Large Family Homeschooling Circle in the Homeschooling without Training Wheels Community to get specialized support and encouragement for the unique challenges of homeschooling a bigger-than-average tribe!


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Homeschooling certainly has its challenges. Add more than the average number of kiddos to the mix and the challenges (and blessings!) multiply!

Homeschooling can feel like a lonely gig. But when you're homeschooling a big family, suddenly the number of people who understand what life is like from your perspective seem to shrink even further.

That's why we've started this online (but not on social media) community for moms just like you. You really are not alone. I promise.

The Large Family Homeschooling Circle is a safe space where you can ...

  • Share the struggles of Large Family Homeschooling with folks who understand your perspective
  • Learn from other moms who are in the same boat as you and have gathered wisdom through practice
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about homeschooling, specifically from a large-family angle
  • Be reminded daily of the grace and freedom that is ours in Christ
  • Be encouraged to homeschool in "outside the box" ways that are designed to fit your specific family and their specific needs

Each month, we'll offer ...

  • A monthly theme for learning and discussion
  • A monthly live chat for folks to discuss our theme via text
  • A monthly live video centered around our monthly theme
  • Weekly resources, videos, or articles to prompt thought and discussion
  • Weekly digest-style emails to let you know posts you may want to see or questions you might be able to answer

Won't you join us?? Join today. Cancel any time. Enjoy the benefits of large-family-specific support and encouragement!