Pattern Block Mats Bundle


These Pattern Block Mats encourage both quantitative and visual-spatial intelligence.

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Math lessons often focus on quantitative intelligence. However, visual-spatial intelligence is also an integral part of math learning and thinking. Combine the two together with these Pattern Block Mats.

Children can work out the pattern, and then extend the activity by counting the numbers of various items they have used to create the pattern.

These printable pattern block mats are the exact size and scale to allow your child to place the pattern blocks directly onto the printed sheet. Because the images are all in black-line, you can use any pattern block set and your child won’t be confused if his/her set has different colors for specific shapes.

Each set includes complete instructions plus 8-10 different animal mats for a total of 27 unique activities.

Suggested resources:

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Or, consider this magnetic set for easy travel.

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