Skip Count Pack


Four different ways to explore skip counting in this pack of over 30 pages!

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Skip counting is an essential skill for math understanding and awareness. This pack includes many different ways to explore skip counting.

Blank Hundreds Chart

This is just a simple hundreds chart. But included are over two pages worth of ideas for how to use it to explore skip counting and many other math skills!

Complete the Chart Sets

These are hundreds charts in which the numbers in a skip count series have been omitted. The practice of manually writing the particular numbers in the series will increase memory and retention.

Cut Out Shapes Sets

These sets use dotted lines to show where to cut. Print these pages on cardstock paper. Then, cut out the area inside of the dotted lines, leaving the rest of the paper in tact. These pages now act as templates. Lay them over a blank hundreds chart to reveal all of the numbers in that series at a glance!

Bonus: to quickly find all of the places where two count-by series overlap, layer two different templates over a blank hundreds chart. The numbers that show through both templates are the common multiples!

Overhead Transparency Sets

These have a similar application to the Cut Out Shapes Sets. However, if you’d rather not spend the time cutting out holes in paper, instead, you can print these colored patterns onto printer-ready overhead transparency film.

Or, you can print the colored template on printer paper, place a regular overhead transparency over it and use an overhead marker to trace and color in the shaded sections. Layer one or more transparencies over a blank hundreds chart to reveal numbers in that series.