Target Number: Place Value


The rules are easy to learn. Place value knowledge and understanding are built into strategy and gameplay. This printable game stores flat and is adaptable to a wide range of ages and student math abilities!

(See product description for required and suggested supplies.)


This is a math game in which students have to engage their understanding of place value in order to be able to develop a good strategy of gameplay. Players roll dice, fill in digits and aim to get as close as they can to Target Numbers.

This game is designed to be used by a wide range of ages and includes suggestions for adapting the game play and scoring to meet the needs of various family members and levels of math ability.

This download includes two files:

  • “Target Number: Place Value” player boards in color and grayscale.
  • “Target Number: Place Value” instruction sheet.

Required supplies:

Here are some additional supplies you may want in order to make the best use of this printable manipulative:


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