Add Some Fire to Your Homeschool: Kindle Fire as a Homeschool Tool

Have you considered getting your homeschool students Kindle Fire tablets? You might be surprised at they ways they can be used as tools in the homeschool!

You may know that around here, we’re a family that loves digital. My four oldest kids have Chromebooks and they get their school assignments via blog post. We’ve used Nooks for a while, which are lovely devices but are simply eReaders – no extras. {This post contains affiliate links – see disclosure. Thanks for supporting HSWOTW.} […]

Sing for your School: Set Your Morning Time to Music!

Want to keep morning time fun and simple for your little people? Sing the things you want to learn. Check out this list of music for morning time!

You may have read about our Digital Morning Time.  Before that phase (and before we even knew that “Morning Time” or “Your Morning Basket” was a thing) we had daily “Singing Time”.  I definitely won’t be the next American Idol, but I do love to sing with my children.  Before most of them were even […]

Our (Digital) Morning Time

In order to facilitate homeschooling as whole-group activity, we began to use more digital material. Check out some of our top favorite resources!

I wrote here about how our homeschool has evolved into “Family School” this year.  We’ve moved more towards whole-group learning and discussion.  We’ve also moved towards doing more and more of our schooling digitally.  So, how do you use digital resources if you want to gather a group of kids and let everyone participate family-style?  I’m […]