Of Morning Times and Autopilots: By Moms for Moms with Pam Barnhill

Let's chat with Pam Barhill, creator of Morning Time Plans and host of Put Your Homeschool year on Autopilot, about running a business while homeschooling.

This month, we’re talking with moms who are both experienced in the homeschool trenches and are actively creating resources to bless and benefit homeschool families. What’s it like to homeschool and run a business on the side? How do moms make that work? We’ll chat with Pam Barnhill, podcast host, author, and instructor, about how she went […]

Top 5 Large Family Homeschool Hacks

Looking for somelstrategies to help lhomeschool your large family? Hoping to learn from a large-family approach? Here are five of my best tips.

Homeschooling is not a job for wimps. It requires a certain willingness to think outside the box and adapt to new circumstances. Homeschooling a large family just ups the ante. Are you looking for some tricks and strategies to help you homeschool your large family? Or are you hoping to learn from a large-family approach and […]