The Data about Falling Behind in Math

Are you concerned about your child falling behind in math? Have you read statistics about early math struggles and lower wages as an adult? Get the facts.

Have you read articles or studies about the danger of children “falling behind” in math? Some articles draw a straight line from falling behind in early elementary school math to lower graduation and college acceptance rates to lower wages at an adult. It’s enough to make a homeschool parent’s head spin. But what’s the truth behind […]

Curriculum Picks for Our Multi-Age Homeschool: 2018-2019

Want to see the homeschool curriculum we've chosen for our mult-age homeschool family? Come take a peek at our 2018-2019 resources!

Curious to know what homeschooling curriculum our family is using this year? Want to see what we’ve chosen for all the ages and stages that will be learning under our roof this year? Read on to see a full list of the resources we’ve picked! Pin0 Share0 Tweet0 Share +10 Family Schooling ResourcesWe love to […]

Math Month Resource Roundup

Are you looking for the best homeschool math curriculum, online options, or resources reviews? Come celebrate math month with us and enjoy giveaways, printables, coupon codes, and more!

Pin0 Share0 Tweet0 Did you know that April is National Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month? Around here, we’ve made somewhat of an annual tradition of celebrating Math Month with homeschool math curriculum reviews, info about online classes, free printables, best practice tips, math resources and ideas, coupon codes, and giveaways! Pin0 Share0 Tweet0 FREE Math […]

Our 2017-2018 Homeschool Schedule Preview

In our multi-age homeschool, we're all about keeping things simple. Take a peek at our 2017-2018 daily homeschool schedule and chore chart.

If you’re an email subscriber, you’ll know that we’re following a slightly modified school schedule this year. We just had baby number eight in August, so we’re on “summer break” now and will start school in October (oh the joys of homeschool flexibility!). September is homeschool planning month for me and I’ve been working on our […]

Why Online Learning Makes Sense for Math

Even though we explore math as a family, we still need a way for everyone to practice on their own level. CTC is a great option for online math learning!

If you’ve been around a while, you know that we love doing math family-style. ┬áBut, while we’re able to do a lot through hands-on exploration and discussion, there is a limit. For math practice, we really need a way to be able to differentiate. Each student needs work geared specifically towards his or her own […]