10 Reasons Why Homeschool Parents Fear Screen Time

There are so many online resources for homeschool families. But many parents struggle with concerns about screen time. What are the reasons for the worry?

I can’t tell you how many homeschool moms I’ve talked to who are genuinely worried about the ill effects of ‘screen time’ in their homes. I’m not talking about the dangers of internet use, like child predators, identity theft, etc. Those are real dangers, to be sure, and a topic for another post (or several). […]

Digital Schooling: Online Options for the Homeschool

This month, we're talking all about online homeschool options - courses, resources, healthy tech use and ways to monitor and keep online time safe!

Recently, I’ve received a lot of questions from readers related to technology in the homeschool. What apps do your kids use on their Kindle tablets? How do you keep your kids safe online? How did you set up your kids’ tablets with Parental Controls? How did you decide which tablets and Chromebooks to buy? How […]