What Exactly is “Living Math” and How Do I Teach It?

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Is it possible to teach homeschool math without a textbook? Can your students really learn math by reading books, playing games, and engaging in real life activities? Come find out about living math!

Charlotte Mason talks about "living books" - books that present a warm, real-life look at a subject. But what about math? Can your homeschool students learn math through books, games, and, well, living real life?

Is it possible to teach homeschool math without a textbook? Can your students really learn math by reading books, playing games, and engaging in real life activities? Come find out about living math!

Lucky for you, I've brought in an expert to help us out! Cindy West of Our Journey Westward has written a very helpful book called "Loving Living Math" and I know you'll ... well ... love it! So, what is living math? Cindy says ...

It stems from real-life, and is natural and relevant to the student. Often, living math is hands-on and even playful. It can easily tie into other subject areas since real-life usually doesn’t segregate subjects.

Living math sounds great in theory, doesn't it? You don't have to use a textbook. It's relevant to kids because it's a part of real life. It's hands-on, so it engages their learning and memory. The only rub is that sometimes the idea of leaving the textbook behind is kind of scary. Cindy understands those fears ...

Here’s the sticking point for many people. They don’t mind the idea of stepping away from the text, but really have no idea what to put in its place. You’re in for a treat! I’m going to share some of my favorite resources for finding ideas and give you several activities to use!

Here are some of the goodies Cindy has to share:

  • How she schedules her homeschool time so that they have a chance to step away from the textbook without overwhelming the schedule.
  • Ideas and resources (and even a bunch of free activities included!) for incorporating logic study and practice in your living math experience.
  • Ways to spice up the review of math facts.
  • TONS of resource ideas, from board games to online math games to books (like this one!) to other places to find great activities.
  • Integrating math with other subjects - even writing!
  • Great suggestions for good math manipulatives to have on hand.
  • Real life activities and responsibilities that involve math thinking and skill.
  • And LOTS MORE!

I promise, just reading through the first couple of chapters on the philosophy and theory of Living Math will breathe such a breath of relief and inspiration into your homeschool!

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I shared a sneak peek into the contents of "Loving Living Math" with my Facebook followers. I've converted the meat of that broadcast into a YouTube video so that you can take a look, too!

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