Writer’s Workshops with Multiple Ages

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Homeschooling multiple ages and wondering how to manage writing instruction? Let's chat about using Writer's Workshops from Layers of Learning!

Sisters Karen and Michelle - sisters, homeschool moms, and creators of Layers of Learning are here to chat with us about how to teaching writing to multiple ages with their new Writer's Workshop resources!

Listen to the Podcast

When the LIVE show ends, our team grabs the audio track and converts it into a podcast. You can keep scrolling to watch the replay of the video show or you can listen to the podcast here:

Show Notes

Check out Writer's Workshops on the Layers of Learning site.

Get the big picture about how to use Writer's Workshops.

Listen to Karen and Michelle talk about teaching writing on the Layers of Learning Podcast in this episode and this episode.

  • How does the Writer’s Workshop compare to Brave Writer’s philosophy ? I know you have used Brave Writer for a long time, have you tried the Writer’s Workshop with your kids ?